Drone Smart Controller

Client: Sky Drones

Year: 2020

Works: industrial design, mechanical design, 3D CAD modelling, visualisation, prototyping, design for manufacture

Client’s Feedback: Scroll down

Drone smart controller had been designed for Sky Drones llc, whose the main product for more than 10 years was different software for drones and unmanned aerial vehicle. This DC have became the first own hardware product based on in-house developed software for drones industry. 

Works: prototyping, industrial design, mechanical design, design for manufacture.

Backstage process

From clients rough prototype to DFM model for manufacture:


Dirty prototypes for ergonomics tests.

FDM 3D printing have shown what we need to fix and edit. (Watch all images in a slider below)

Thus, the CAD model had been redesigned according edits and sent to the supplier in China for further works on sample, mould design for mass production.

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