Lilium Litter Bin

Client: Ecobin (Spain)

Year: 2018

Works: idea, naming, industrial design, mechanical design, 3D CAD modelling, visualisation

In a dense environment of Hi-Tech design and modern devices, sometimes you want to see nature-inspired shapes in your interior. The eye rests when it sees them. The Lily flower has inspired me to create this model.

All products by Mike Wite available in PDF catalog (15 Mb).

Ecobin is a brand of ecological litter bins made of Krion. 

All works are fully made by Mike Wite in less than two months: the brand and product idea, naming, logotype, industrial design of all items, modeling, visualisation, copywriting, catalog. Read more about this in Art Direction section.

About Krion

Litter bins made of an acrylic solid surface called, Krion K-Life, with a patented function of cleaning the air of harmful compounds. KRION® K-LIFE Porcelanosa Solid Surface is a non-porous and homogeneous surfacing material, composed two-thirds of natural minerals and a low percentage of High-resistance. The new technology used (ECO ACTIVE SOLID TECHNOLOGY®) allows the material to have photocatalytic properties throughout its mass. Eco-Active with the following new properties: Air purification, Anti-bacteria, Self-cleaning and Elimination of chemical products.

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